Vincent Houba Portfolio

Fullstack developer

Python - Javascript


Fullstack developer with excellent knowledge of vue.js and python

What can I do?

  • Expertise in python and typescript.
  • Good knowledge of functional, object-oriented, design pattern, tdd
  • I can build static website, spa, mobile application, cli, rest api
  • Devops and aws knowledge
  • Mostly sql knowledge but also interested in nosql
  • Work on html5 game in my free time
  • Learning machine learning in my free time
  • I am reading at least one book a month related to my field

Some games I've build in my free time

  • Nebulaleague


    Shoot them all up!

    Game in progress.... Right Now, it's an offline moba like game where high skill are required

  • Game Of Life

    game of life

    Gameof life with a lot of options

    Simple implementation of Game of life with an interactive menu to randomize, accelerate and resize cells.

    How it was build

    It was build with react and typescript as educative purpose.

  • Spherebreak


    Sphere break is an arithmetic puzzle game

    Spherebreak is a math puzzle game where you must add number to make a multiple of the middle number, it has score, timeout and combo system

    How it was build

    It was build with Elm

    Rules: Read more

  • Pong


    Simple pong game

    Pong with crazy speed and an almost unbeatable IA.

    How it was build

    It was build with excalibur.js, it's a super easy 2games engine to use.

    Link to the game engine:

Here are some projects I've worked on

  • Therapytime


    Clinical website for private consultancy.

    The website is using webpack as a builder, foundation with scss, jquery for the menu and handlebars as template engine.

    Data come from a yaml file, so it's is very easy to change content of the site.

    Image are optimize through webpack


  • Languages

  • Framework python

  • Framework javascript

  • Integrations

  • Build tools

  • Servers

  • Databases

  • Tools

  • Os

Work experience

  • Fullstack developer

    Odoo - Belgium

    october 2019 / NOW
    • Work as python developer, mainly fixing bug on client and fixing bug on the plaftorm
    • Intern knowledge of odoo (how the plaftorfm work, how to set it, how to patch it, how to create module ...)
  • Front end developer (vue.js)

    Robovision - Belgium

    October 2018 / July 2019
    • Create tools with vuejs to labeling images and add metadata to images
    • Build charts and metrics in vuejs ot visualise the result of trained models on labeled images
    • Upgrade and reorganise quasar (vue framework) version to more recent one
    • Create reusable components (tables, modal box) in vuejs.
    • Build an admin subpart to create projects, users, groups...
    • Integration test with cypress
    • Python, Vue, Vuex, Vue-router, Quasar, Typescript, Es6, cypress, Docker
  • Full stack developer (python, react native)

    Faktory - Belgium

    Sept 2017 / August 2018
    • Working on an iot device that calculate weight variations to help old people take theirs pills
    • Create a mobile application with react-native for p-heal device
    • Refactor the backend to aws with serverless
    • Create a recommendation engine for a broadcaster.
    • Create multiple microservices to extract content from video, audio, featurizing data.
    • Doing integration test(behae) and unittest for microservices
    • Searching for solution to improve the recommendation engine (tf/idf, elasticsearch).
    • Create a cache system with redis to avoid collecting and fetching the same data.
    • Collect data on users (time spended on article, time spend watching a video...) with websocket
    • Python, Kafka, Aiohttp, Sql, Behave, Unittest, React, Docker, Redis, Pyspark, Pandas
  • Full stack developer

    Vesperia - Luxembourg

    June 2016 / August 2017
    • Render their mail responsive with ljml
    • Bugfixing to improve the application in multiple browser and multpile screen
    • Refactor front end code for multiple sites (jquery, gulp, css)
    • Unittest an node application
    • Bulding static analyctic tools with typescript (made home framework)


  • Formation zf2

    jun 2015 / july 2015
    • POO & Design Patterns, Tests Unitaires et ZendFramwork
  • STE-Formations

    Java cloud computing

    Aug 2014 / May 2015
    • Diging deep into design pattern in java
    • Algorithm course on paper
    • Sql database analyse
    • Advanced sql with postgresql (view, trigger, creating function )
    • Building a sudoku
  • IPSF

    Bac+2 Web developer

    Aug 2012 / May 2014
    • Learning html, css, jquery, php, mysql, wordpress (first year)
    • learning poo, symfony2, version control (second year)
    • Building website for asbl in symfony2 (second year)
    • Creating a site for lawfirm with python(django) (final)